Saèd Fanari



Stedelijk Museum X  Makers Unite X Forum on European Culture


From 1 to 31 May 2018

One month of exciting and varied activities in the largest and most important museum in Amsterdam


Under the title Give us the museum, writer Arnon Grunberg and a group of artists and designers who recently came to live in the Netherlands involve the Stedelijk Museum throughout the month of May. In the morning they will perform various functions in the museum, from attendant to restorer, from working in the marketing department to director ai. In the afternoon they will work on their own projects in the museum. At the same time, debates, performances and other types of interventions will take place in the room where they are at work. The visitor has the opportunity to talk to the artists and vice versa. Grunberg will report daily on the project in the NRC.


Events - 1 Jun 2018


On Friday evening, June 1 the conclusion of this project will take place through a presentation of the produced works and various debates and performances. In addition to the questions of who and for whom the museum is, it will also be about what European culture is and how much common identity you actually need to live more or less peacefully together. Does Europe need clear boundaries, how important are they? Where is Europe actually?


24 and 25 November 2018

My participation in the group exhibition


Grenzeloze Kunst

(Boundless Art)



Artfarm, Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands


13 artists from Syria, the Netherlands and Iran jointly

Paintings - sculptures - installations



More information on the Artfarm website